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One partner for your company's wellness - from strategy to execution

Partner with U Matter Corporate Wellness to design and execute your Corporate Wellness or Work-life balance program in 3 steps:

Step I:

Wellness Risk Assessment

Understand employees' needs

  • Perform a Wellness Risk Assessment to understand your employees' specific needs.

  • Evaluate your employees' lifestyle, and how their lifestyle choices influence their current and future wellness.

  • Analyse your employees' physical, emotional, social and financial wellness. 

Step II:

Design of your company's Wellness program

Invest smart your company's resources

  • Design your company's Wellness strategy, or Work-life balance program - specifically for your employees' needs and aligned with your business strategy.

  • Introduce  wellness benefits and  work-life balance policies

  • Plan your unique agenda for provision of employee assistance, psychological support, financial wellness advisory, physical wellness.

  • Prepare the program launch communication for employees 

Step III:

Execute your company's Wellness program

ONE partner for everything

  • Execute the wellness program, or work-life balance program working with one provider for everything, instead of contracting several wellness speakers

  • Share the communication for the launch of the program and for the continuous engagement of employees throughout the program execution

  • Provide a tool for easy enrolment of your your employees

  • Coordinate the execution of the whole program, keeping employees continuously engaged with Wellness challenges

  • Plan and execute next year's Wellness calendar

Brainstorming Session
Group Students Smilling

You already have a corporate wellness program designed for your employees' needs? The program elements below can be provided to companies as stand-alone solutions: 

Access to psychological support

Reduce absenteeism and improve employee productivity

Access for employees (and in some cases - their families) to short-term, problem solving psychological support  as a voluntary and confidential service:

  • Helps employees who have personal concerns that affect their personal well-being and/or work performance.

  • Employees' concerns might be related to marital and family, interpersonal relations, emotions, stress and burn-out, critical and traumatic incidents, conflict, grief or any other concerns that affect or could affect personal well-being and/or work performance


We offer flexible solutions - psychological support over the phone, and/or access to a predefined number of psychological one-to-one sessions 

Employee Assistance program (EAP)

Invest smart your company's resources

This is a solution that provides your employees with access over a confidential phone line to:

  • Psychological support - for concerns that affect or could affect personal well-being and/or work performance.

  • Legal advice - for marital and family issues, fines, personal accidents, etc.

  • Personal finance advice - for better planning of personal financial health

Your employees (and in some cases - their families) have full-year access on subscription basis to the Employee Assistance Program services.


Very often issues could be resolved over the phone. If longer-term help or a more specialized service is needed, the EAP counsellor can help identify the expertise required and facilitate a referral to a specialist. 

Managing people workshops

Managers equipped for the everyday challenges

Managers often see the first signs of burn-out,  have an important role in stress management, team dynamics, conflict resolution. 


A series of training and workshops for managers to equip them for the challenges of managing people (related to corporate wellness) and their everyday situations . Include:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Solution-based resolution of conflict

  • Managing stress in the team

  • Managing low performance 

  • Personal resilience

  • Preventing burn-out

For other training topics and HR consulting solutions, please visit the web page of our HR Advisory firm, HR Consulting Partners.

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