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One partner for your company's wellness - from strategy to execution

Partner with U Matter Corporate Wellness to design and execute your Corporate Wellness or Work-life balance program in 3 steps:

Step I:

Wellness Risk Assessment

Understand employees' needs

  • Perform a Wellness Risk Assessment to understand your employees' specific needs.

  • Evaluate your employees' lifestyle, and how their lifestyle choices influence their current and future wellness.

  • Analyse your employees' physical, emotional, social and financial wellness. 

Step II:

Design of your company's Wellness program

Invest smart your company's resources

  • Design your company's Wellness strategy, or Work-life balance program - specifically for your employees' needs and aligned with your business strategy.

  • Introduce  wellness benefits and  work-life balance policies

  • Plan your unique agenda for provision of employee assistance, psychological support, financial wellness advisory, physical wellness.

  • Prepare the program launch communication for employees 

Step III:

Execute your company's Wellness program

ONE partner for everything

  • Execute the wellness program working with one provider who partners with various consultants and professionals, instead of contracting several wellness consultants

  • Easy enrollment of your employees

  • Coordinate the execution of the whole program, keeping employees continuously engaged 

  • Plan and execute next year's Wellness calendar

Brainstorming Session
Group Students Smilling

You already have a corporate wellness program designed for your employees' needs? The program elements below can be provided to companies as stand-alone solutions: 

Individual psychological support

Reduce absenteeism and improve employee productivity

Access for employees (and in some cases - their families) to short-term, problem solving psychological support  as a voluntary and confidential service:

  • Helps employees who have personal concerns that affect their personal well-being and/or work performance.

  • Employees' concerns might be related to marital and family, interpersonal relations, emotions, stress and burn-out, critical and traumatic incidents, conflict, grief or any other concerns that affect or could affect personal well-being and/or work performance


We offer flexible solutions - psychological support over the phone, and/or access to a predefined number of psychological one-to-one sessions 

Invest smart your company's resources

This is a solution that provides your employees with access over a confidential phone line to:

  • Psychological support - for concerns that affect or could affect personal well-being and/or work performance.

  • Legal advice - for marital and family issues, fines, personal accidents, etc.

  • Personal finance advice - for better planning of personal financial health

Your employees (and in some cases - their families) have full-year access on subscription basis to the Employee Assistance Program services.


Very often issues could be resolved over the phone. If longer-term help or a more specialized service is needed, the EAP counsellor can help identify the expertise required and facilitate a referral to a specialist. 


Managers equipped for the everyday challenges

Managers often see the first signs of burn-out,  have an important role in stress management, team dynamics, conflict resolution. 


A series of training and workshops for managers to equip them for the challenges of managing people (related to corporate wellness) and their everyday situations . Include:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Solution-based resolution of conflict

  • Managing stress in the team

  • Managing low performance 

  • Personal resilience

  • Preventing burn-out

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Growth mindset

For other training topics and HR consulting solutions, please visit the web page of our HR Advisory firm, HR Consulting Partners.

Employee Workshops, Initiatives, Trainings

Employees taking care of their physical, emotional, career, financial wellness

Employers need to support their employees, and as a result the work environment through increasing the awareness of the importance of employee wellness.

Some of the iniaitives to support your employees are:

  • Dealing with anxiety and stress

  • Emotional wellbeing for kids and their parents

  • My Personal Work-life Balance 

  • Psychological safety

  • The emotional side of change

  • Importance of Sleep

  • Healthy personal finance

  • Your personal career development

  • Career coaching

  • Yoga, breath and meditation

  • Mindfulness


For every client we develop customized solutions to fit your specific needs.​

Employee Assistance program (EAP)

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