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We have already built and executed several wellness programs in the companies we worked for, created and implemented work-life balance policies and benefits. We know what it takes to convince our management teams to invest resources in employee wellness.

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Design and Communication of Employee Wellness Programme

An FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) multinational company operating on several South Eastern European markets was continuously facing low employee opinion results on the category Work-life balance.

As part of the company's targeted actions towards addressing this category, the following approach was implemented:

  • analysis of the Employer Value proposition in the area of work-life balance

  • review of data from recent employee satisfaction surveys

  • analysis of the total compensation survey

  • design of the company's Work-Life balance programme for Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro that includes a combination of benefits, new programs and policies.

  • argumentation of the new benefits in front of the company's Global Compensation Committee to ensure corporate alignment and necessary approvals are obtained

  • design and roll out the communication plan with posters, emails, leaflets, additional communication materials to ensure the Work-life balance programme is well advertised and appreciated by employees.

Employee Wellness Awareness Program

For a Business process Outsourcing company based in Bulgaria, servicing technology clients from all over the world, the following Wellness Awareness program was implemented:

  • biometrical health risk individual assessments for employees, voluntary and confidential

  • 4-month Employee Wellness programme with the purpose to increase awareness - a series of seminars, workshops and one-to-one meetings on topics such as financial wellness, mental health, stress management, mindfulness, physical wellness

  • a series of employee wellness challenges to trigger a change in the lifestyle of employees 

  • weekly Wellness newsletter to support employee engagement with the topic

Psychological support to employees

An IT company in Bulgaria was competing for talent, and wellness was identified as an area of opportunity

After an assessment of employee's needs, several wellness service offerings were identified and presented to the management. The following solution was implemented reflecting the company's budget and employees' needs:

  • access to a pre-defined number of 1:1 sessions for psychological support for employees

  • a series of introductory seminars with employees to promote the services and ensure employee engagement with them

  • monthly communication to employees with the benefits of this offering


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