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The current situation requires extra care of our employees’ emotional health.

Some of the solutions we already provide to address the emotional wellness of our clients’ employees:

A. Emotional Wellbeing online workshops for all employees.

Those could be scheduled as events being done once/week or once/two weeks.

Examples of some of the topics:

• The impact of the pandemics on our emotions – managing our stress

• How to manage work and home-related stress

• How to deal with anxiety, isolation, depression

• How to identify and address signals of burnout

B. Individual psychological support sessions with qualified psychotherapists - one-to-one sessions online

C. A series of online training workshops to equip Team leads & Managers for the challenges of managing distant teams:

• Leading dispersed teams

• Managing stress in the team

• Emotional intelligence

• Preventing burn-out

• Coaching for performance

D. Supporting solutions for your employees’ emotional health

• Art therapy workshops to all employees, provided online

• Stress-relief breathing exercises with qualified yoga instructors, online-led meditation

• Individual coaching – online

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